This outdoor footwear exploration began with the reforming lugs and their configuration and lead to a finer concept joining pelletized foam, exaggerated outsole shapes and a cleanly constructed upper.
Using clay and scrap material, I explored ways we could bring responsive pelletized foam into trail product. The foam is very responsive but it i not stable. So i fashioned together casings that would sit in between the squishy foam and the upper to distribute the load more evenly on the foam from the foot (and vice versa).

Modelled in Rhino & Grasshopper
After narrowing down a lug shape and a general form for the outsole, i took the concept into Rhino and grasshopper and used panelling tools to generate lugs that were large in areas that bare a more concentrated load (heel and ball of the foot).

Unconventionally, I came up with the story for the product after exploratory mock ups were made. The intent was to create a sleek, layered Hiking product that spoke the same language as existing industry-dominant hiking product, but did so in a muted way. 

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